Data analytics engineer

Data analytics engineer

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Function type: Freelance - Vast Location: Brussels
Duration: long term Reference: 202209501
Start: 05/06/2022

Description: Within the ‘Quality, Automation and Uniformisation’ team we are looking for a Data Analytics Engineer. This position is in our new and dynamic team whose mission is to deliver solutions and dashboards to various end users such as Service level managers and operational Support teams. The goal is to provide these in an optimal and uniform way and grow the value of data exponentially to multiple end users.

Who we are:
Our team is responsible for providing knowledge with respect to creating dashboards and handling and evaluating data, as well as providing certain self-services to end users so that they can make decisions based on data and bring out the value of it.
Our services and services serve to provide unified tools, solutions and dashboards to facilitate and support the use of data.
You will act as an ‘change agent’ to transform our department into a data-driven community.
The team also plays a key role in delivering the vision related to Quality, and Automating and Unifying common tasks and processes. Based on our approach and deliverables, the value of the data available within our department will increase exponentially.

Your Role:
As a Data analytics engineer, you will work in a small team and contribute to the roll-out of a uniform setup and handling of all our useful data.
You will contribute to the definition and implementation of the ‘self-services’ of the data framework and you will support their roll-out.
You will contribute to the definition of the processes, the naming and setup of the necessary dashboards and triggers and their usability in the business.
You will collect the requirements of the end users and translate them into the right setup and enrich the amount of useful data, in a constantly improving environment.
You will capture the needs of the end users and you will be able to come up with creative and simple solutions.
You will initiate an end-to-end overview of the Data needs and you will proactively propose new actions in order to prevent any long and short term problems.
You will ensure the integration of new features and new dashboards.
You will monitor the respect of the framework, you will point out problems and propose a solution and you will measure the result against the following objectives: efficiency, standardization, reuse and compliance.
You will help others in the setup and coaching and you will create manuals and give trainings to support the use of our setup.
You will work closely with various end users, such as engineers, Operations teams, service level managers, Business managers, Incident managers,.) in order to exponentially grow the evolution and usability of the data framework.
You contribute to the improvement of data quality and you also understand how governance can contribute to this.
You are the link between the CCS department and the monitoring team and you are a key figure also in the setup of automated end 2 end monitoring.



• You are energetic, enthusiastic and passionate.
• You are Solution and result oriented.
• You are a team player, but also able to work on an individual basis.
• You love to be part of the first waves of change
• You are curious, interested in new technologies and a fast learner.
• You have a good analytical mind and master the fundamentals of data analysis
• You motivate others to find the best solutions for the team or project.
• You have a strong 'can do' attitude with a large dose of pragmatism.
• You love working with other teams to establish collaborative processes and manage incidents and problems.
• You are willing to constantly learn.

• Knowledge data analytics tools (Splunk)
Fundamental trainings and Splunk certification is a strong asset
• Python
• Machine learning models
• Data sciences and models
• Trend analyses and outlier detection
• Dutch, English, French

Officenter, Grauwmeer 1, bus 44
3001 Heverlee