Kafka Specialist

Kafka Specialist

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Type de fonction: Indépendant - Indépendant Location: Brussels
Durée: Longterm Référence: 202008106
Le commencement: 30/06/2020


As a Kafka Expert, you will be involved in the Agile train of DIOR (Digital Ordering) under the Digital Factory to setup the scene of the Kafka landscape and its implementation.
Being involved continuously with the DIOR architects and the analysts you will be part of designing the solution to implement Kafka in the new Architectural solution.

Your daily job will imply:
- To be involved to support the developers & analysts, coaching them and reviewing with them the deliveries.
- To ensure at Kafka level that solution provided will respect the service level KPIs in terms of quality, performance, stability and resilience.
- To coordinate with the operational team during the solution design to cover Operational NFRs(logs, alarming,… ).
- To ensure with the system team and our testers to put in place for Kafka the technical prerequisite for CI/CD and the test automation.
- On an ad-hoc case, you can also be involved to open code and intervene on it when your expertise will be required.
- To provide proper documentation and handover of it to the other analysts and developers of the train in a continuous process.


Technical Skills
- 2+ years of experience with Kafka infrastructures
- Expertise in Kafka brokers, Zookeeper, KSQL & KStream & Schema Registry
- Create topics, setup redundancy cluster, deploy monitoring tools, alerts and has good knowledge of best practices
- Solid experience and knowledge in the deployment of Kafka(Apache/Confluent)
- Expertise and hands on experience working on AvroConverters, JsonConverters, and StringConverters
- Expertise and hands on experience working on Kafka connectors such as Couchbase connector
- Implement security standards for the cluster and Kafka services such as TLS for wire encryption
- Ensure optimum performance, high availability and stability of solutions
- Ability to perform data related benchmarking, performance analysis and tuning
- Should have strong experience in Linux or Unix operating system
- Able to identify and resolve complex performance issues
- DEVOPS profile is a plus with Java and/or NodeJs

Soft Skills
- Having a coaching profile is important.
- Having good communication skills is crucial to ensure good exchange and sharing of information within and outside of the train.
- Being able to provide based on the audience a synthetic or detailed information is mandatory
- Strong conceptual & analytical skills
- Being curious to continuously learn and being a leader in your domain of expertise.
- Organisational skills is required to setup with analyst the planning

Extra prerequisite

- Location : Working Onsite
- Although your main task will be Expert/Analyst, you should still be able to participate with developers to some implementation requiring your competencies.
- Long term mission

Officenter, Grauwmeer 1, bus 44
3001 Heverlee



email info@anankei.com