Windows Release Engineer

Windows Release Engineer

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Soort functie: Vaste medewerker Locatie: Brussel
Duur: 6m Referentie: 202008355
Start: 30/11/2020

For out client we're looking for a Windows Release Engineer.
Our client is located in Brussels.

The IT department works in an Agile wroking model, mich offers a challenging and motivating environment.
You will work in the Infrastructure & Collaboration Services Tribe which is the interface between business plus the rest of IT and their Datacenter service provider.
You main responsibility is to assure base release and security patch deployment on the server environment.
This includes release package build and test, followed by deployment planning with the server profile owners, deployment execution and aftercare.
The second mission will be to streamline and automate this process to enable a release deployment.

Here are some process indicators of this project :

The preparation :

- The purpose of the preparation phase is to prepare the Windows Release:
- Collect the information to understand the demand of the customer
- Analyze the impact, assure the test and deployment scenaria are prepared for each product in the release
- Plan and follow-up

The build phase :

- Combine the release components by creating the staging, upgrade and patch release
- Test the release from a technical point of view (Assembly testing) and control its quality (Integration Testing)

The deployment phase :

The purpose of the production phase has 2 major parts: Users functionality tests and put the request in production respecting the ”change implementation process”

The user functionality test phase :

- Make the solution/software available for the user functionality tests by deploying in QA (dry run of the production installation script)
- Give support to the users during the test

The production phase :

- Make the solution/software available for deployment eventually with a pilot deployment phase
- Manage the different software versions on the different platforms.

After care :
- The purpose of the After-care phase is to ensure the support of the delivered kits during a fixed time after:
- Analyze the incidents due to the delivered kits
- Build solutions to solve those incidents
- Give support to the second line support (SO-OS)
- Make the necessary documentation available for support team and future upgrade-demands


Your technical experience (mandatory) :

- Powershell
- Windows command line scripting- Microsoft Windows installer (preferable)
- VBScript

Business Experience :

- Good communicator
- Customer-orientated
- Risk consciousness

Languages :

- French
- Dutch
- English

Officenter, Grauwmeer 1, bus 44
3001 Heverlee