Data Architect

Data Architect

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Soort functie: Freelancer en vaste medewerker Locatie: Brussels
Duur: long term Referentie: 202108841
Start: 27/06/2021

Our Customer is a Telecom & ICT company operating in Belgium and on the international markets, providing services to consumers, businesses and the public sector.
Their advanced interconnected fixed and mobile networks offer access anywhere and anytime to digital services and data, as well as to a broad offering of multimedia content.
They invest in future-proof networks and innovative solutions, creating the foundations for sustainable growth.
Their Digital domain is a front-end layer supporting client applications like Web, Mobile and Cockpits interacting with backend systems through a Backend For Front End (BFF) integration layer.

• The BFF exposes loosely coupled and collaborating µServices as logical components related to specific functional areas or application needs. The µServices mainly execute business logic, exchange messages with other backend systems and apply API composition and caching principles. µServices respect the request/response pattern and expose REST and GraphQL endpoints through HTTP
• The backend systems expose, synchronously and asynchronously, CRUD operations on their entities through an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) exposing HTTP SOAP and JMS SOA Services and through APIs (SOAP, REST and GraphQL) exposed on an API manager in a secured way (HTTPS).
• By identifying and analyzing the organization’s purpose, structure, business processes and areas of expertise, the Customer has stabilized their backend systems by creating business capabilities regrouping backends per functional area organized into a multi-level hierarchy.
• The Customer uses an Enterprise Data Model (EDM) as an integrated view of the data produced and consumed across the entire organization (all data exposed by business capabilities respect this data model). It represents a single integrated definition of data, unbiased of any system or application that unites, formalizes and represents the things important to an organization, as well as the rules governing them.
To provide first class customer experience, their digital architecture will move to CQRS and implement a fast, secure and resilient read layer.

In this context our Customer is looking to hire a Data Architect to join the team. You will take responsibility for designing, building and managing the digital data lake and related APIs.

To do well in this role you need a very fine eye for detail, experience as a data analyst, and a deep understanding of the popular data analysis tools and databases. You will take responsibility for modeling, identifying, collecting, analyzing, processing, ensuring quality and accuracy of the data, storing data and uses it to help Digital domain to make their job better.

To accomplish this, it’s imperative to manage the data in such a way that it can be retrieved and used effectively whenever and wherever it’s needed.
The same complete and consistent data needs to be available whether the customer is interacting with an online form on the Web application, on the Mobile app, when contacting a call center or engaging with a salesperson at a shop.
Any interruption to the timeliness of data information will have a negative downstream impact on their experience.
Likewise, if you’re using insufficient or outdated data, you’ll be unable to fully understand your customer’s needs or to provide optimal support. (eventual data consistency)
The most common challenge is having too much data in too many places and not being able to pull it all together for a comprehensive view at the right time.
We will not just capture larger volumes of data from several backend systems, we need to generate insight from their existing data.
In this case, the relationships between entities matter more than the individual entities themselves.
In order to leverage data relationships, we need a database technology that stores relationship information as a first-class entity, like graph database.
We not only need to effectively store data relationships, we need also the flexibility to expand the data model to conform to changing business needs.
To help us in the task, we will use the Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) streamlined platforms able to ingest data from several data sources (including domain events published by business capabilities when their properties change) and feeds data quickly and easily.
We delegate the data ingestion to EDH while we focus on assembling data by following a graph approach to create comprehensive 360° views (or products) for specific domains or functional areas.
This single view of a Product is known by many names, including a unified view, the golden record, system of record, or omnichannel data.
We need also to expose that unified model to client applications through a modern API handling overfetching, underfetching, security and reasoning about data as a graph with a strict type system.


Data Architect Responsibilities
• Capture the data lake requirements
• Assist with creating data lake migration strategy; defining delivery architecture, creating the migration plan, designing the data ingestion, processing and storage.
• Assist in creating and executing of migration run books.
• Partner with Middleware, Enterprise Architects, Data Architects, and other teams in executing plan.
• Ensure migration comply with required security and controls requirements.
• Managing digital master data.
• Managing security on data model and API.
• Provide quality assurance of imported data.
• Processing confidential data and information according to guidelines.
• Managing and designing the data lake reporting environment, including data sources, security, and metadata.
• Supporting initiatives for data integrity.
• Assessing tests and implementing new or upgraded software and assisting with strategic decisions on new systems.
• Evaluating changes and updates to source production systems (data versioning).
• Providing technical expertise in data storage structures, data mining, and data cleansing.

Data Architect Requirements:
• Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science, engineering or related field
• Work experience as a data analyst or in a related field.
• Ability to work with stakeholders to assess potential risks.
• Ability to analyze existing tools and databases and provide software solution recommendations.
• Ability to translate business requirements into non-technical, lay terms.
• High-level experience in methodologies and processes for managing large-scale databases.
• Demonstrated experience in handling large data sets and graph databases.
• Understanding of addressing and metadata standards.
• High-level written and verbal communication skills.
• Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization
• Experience in developing technology solutions.
• Specializes in gathering and analysing information and designing comprehensive solutions that are flexible and adaptable to the needs and targets.
• Detail-oriented with the ability to rapidly learn and take advantage of new concepts and technologies.
• Detail oriented self-starter capable of working independently.
• Proficient at collaboration and working with members of a team
• Ability to move fast and drive business value and results
• Solves highly complex, politically sensitive problems across teams

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