Network Access Engineer

Network Access Engineer

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Soort functie: Freelancer en vaste medewerker Locatie: Antwerp
Duur: Longterm Referentie: 202109013
Start: 26/09/2021

The Network Access Engineer is responsible for the documentation and workorder creation for installation of the active access network equipment (presently mainly GPON ftth and vdsl).
This work is done complying a predefined planning, an taking budget constraints into account.

Required Responsibilities:

Main responsibility is to document new, extension of, or modification of access equipment in several databases, and creation of workorders with necessary details for the installation team, ordering of material for intended installations. These equipment, mainly vdsl and GPON ftth equipment, resides in local exchange or streetcabinet (but does not imply the backbone ip or dwdm equipment).
These installations are triggered via different sources: a received planning, a follow up tool based on database values, a mail of a colleague,…


Degree & Experience:

- Bachelor degree (IT, mechanical, …)

Required skills:

- Experience in the telecom world: basic knowledge of a telecom network and technologies like vdsl and ftth.
- Good knowledge of MS Office Excel (formulas, pivot) and MS Access (creation of queries, consultation of databases via ODBC e.g.) and Visual Basic programming.
- He/she is able to program small routines in visual basic, and using data extracted from databases to automate recurrent tasks.
- Working in text based databases doesn’t resent him/her.
- Candidate has to has a good analytical mind, being able to comprehend difficult technical situations.
- He/she has work very punctual.
- He/she has good communication skills to interact e.g. with installation team.
- He/she is able to stay positive and constructive under difficult and rapidly changing circumstances.
- He/she is able to work independently and organize and prioritize your work.
- He/she is flexible and stress resistant.

Dutch Fluently, French and English: basic knowledge (being able to understand a technical explanation in …)

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